Our Mission ...

Our Mission is to provide you with healthy puppies to bring love and joy into your homes and hearts across America. Puppies can brighten your day. 

Our Specialty ...

We specialize in small breed and designer puppies. If you have a special request, please contact us and we will try our best to find the puppy that fits your lifestyle.  

Pet Sitting/ Dog Walking

Furballs of America is proud to offer Pet Sitting & Dog Walking! Call us at 901-522-6664 to schedule your consultation appointment today!

Registration ...

Our puppies come with a registration application and have been administered at least one round of vaccinations and have been administered dewormers.

At time of purchase ...

You will be educated on how to care for your puppy so please feel free to ask questions!

Welcome to Furballs of America

Hello and welcome to FurballsofAmerica.com. My name is Gabrielle and I would like you to take a click around and see my gorgeous puppies. We have been caring for puppies for over 20yrs, so you are sure to get the very best. My obligation does not stop when you buy one of my puppies. I will be here for as long as you need me, so if you have a problem down the road maybe I will be of some help.  There will be lots of things you may not be sure of, just call or e-mail me and I will be able to link you to someone if I’m unable to assist you.

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Flea Bite Allergies

Fleas can cause a condition known as allergic dermatitis. Because some dogs and cats are allergic to flea saliva, a single flea bite causes the animal to chew and scratch the area where the flea has bitten. This can cause redness, sores and hair loss. One or two fleas on an allergic animal may trigger the same response as a hundred flea bites.

Nutrition and coat health

Nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals are important players in the skin and coat health of dogs and cats. To understand their role, it is necessary to start with understanding skin and hair.The purpose of skin and hair is to block things from leaving (such as water or heat) or entering (such as viruses and bacteria) the body.


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The Cava Tzu

the cava tzu 100 x 75
The Cava-Tzu
is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Shih Tzu.




The Morkie

The Morkie is a hybrid dog which is a combination of two different purebreeds. The Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier.


The Bichon Poo

bichon poo 100 x 75
The Bichon-Poo two most unique characteristic are its coat and ears.